Beef spit roasted evening 

Wednesday 14th November 2018

From 7.00 pm hall of the stadium - Locality "Chavanne"


 Free shuttles from 4 :00 PM to 2 :00 AM

 After having strolled in the streets to discover the appellations and before midnight rings, which means the tap of the barrel, the party is going on with Fred Kohler and his musical and cabaret spectacle.

 Schedule of the evening:

Dinner served from 7:00.

At 11:00 PM, with torches, you can walk to the show of the tap of the barrel in the city center accompagnied by the Bandas the Gam.

For those who wish, free shuttles are also available.

Enjoy the party and the dance, the shuttles will allow you to reach your vehicle until 3:00....

The entrance for the dance (under the Grand Marquee) is included.

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A festive and friendly atmosphere to come with a typical menu:

Salad with tomatoes

Beef spit roasted and its sauce from wine from Beaujeu’s wine-makers

Gratin dauphinois

Cheese “au gene”

Pear poched in white Beaujolais and vanilla


Panacotta with red berries in Beaujolais syrup


White and red wines are included



Menu (win included) + entrance to the Grand Marquee dance :

45€ per person ( (it is preferable to book)